Resourcefulness | Mindfulness | Peacefulness | Happiness


Resourcefulness | Mindfulness | Peacefulness | Happiness

Why Skills ?

The life we lead is an outcome of the structure and skills given to us since birth. There is no entity in this world which grows without skills, even mother nature trains us directly or indirectly to grow ahead in life.
The question is where is our skill leading to?-

  • Is it leading to Success?
  • Is it leading to Happiness?
  • Is it leading to Failure?

This is where Skills play a crucial role. The definition of success and happiness is different for each and everyone, yet the percentage of happiness and satisfaction is very low in the world mainly because of people still lacking balance in their personal and professional lives.


The factors or situations vary from time to time and person to person yet they need to develop a strong sense of morality to overcome the obstacles in all spheres of life to lead a happy, content, satisfied life with positivity to spread around in the world.

"If you're not paying for your skills, ultimately you're paying for your problems."

People who have "No Problem" or face less challenges, it simply means they have Abundance of Skills in their life as they consistently invest in upgrading & generating the skills.

Let your Skill kill every challenge on your way !


Why Life Skill & Psychological Training ?

Human beings from the very beginning of time create their own values and belief patterns from the environment they are born in, the education they get from their parents, society, teachers or friends and also from the individual experience, they gain throughout their life. A human being is driven by his/her own psychology; hence the skill training needs to be focussed on individual psychology and the method of processing information.

With words like Stress, Depression, Suicides, Anxiety, unemployment gaining highlights on mass and social media, humans need to be psychologically conditioned to be strong and motivated throughout their lives and so they need good trainers, coaches & counselors with the appropriate knowledge and skills to help them overcome the challenges they face in their lives.

Services we offer

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Our Managment Team


Mr.Yogesh Pandit

(Chief Mentor & Legal Advisor) Cyber Lawyer, Cyber Crime Investigator, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Trainer Under DOPT, Govt. of India.

Mr. Arun Mishra

Chief Marketing Officer(CMO) Startup Growth Coach, Motivational Speaker, Soft Skill Trainer, Sales & Marketing Strategist, Leadership Coach.

Mr. Anirudh Thaker

(Business Advisor) Certified NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner, Counselor, Soft Skills & Behavioural Trainer.


Mr. Arun Narahari

(Training & Project Manager) 31 years of rich international experience & expertise in HR to consulting, implementation & training at campuses & corporates, soft skills expert.

Ms. Sujatha Singh

ICF Certified Performance, Relationship & Life Coach, GE Certified Soft Skills Trainer, Teenage Counselor, Leadership Trainer & Story Teller.

Mr. Ashish Pandey

(Business Growth Advisor) Inspirational Speaker, Influencer, Master NLP Coach


Mr. Amit Shroff

Communication Trainer, Voice & Accent Training Specialist, BEC Certified Trainer, NLP Practitioner.


Ms. Aparna Nene

Academician, Author, Communication, Soft skills & Corporate Trainer.